N'Oats Original with apples, figs + pecans


We reimagined breakfast with a deeply nourishing and intensity satisfying grain-free alternative to oatmeal.

Naturally low in carbs, no added sugar, rich in omega 3's and healthy fats = More nutrition + long lasting energy.

Ready in minutes, enjoy hot or cold, instant or overnight, and anytime of day.

Super easy & So Good

Simple to prepare, ready in minutes, enjoy hot or cold.


Delicious as is or add your favorite toppings

Combos we love — Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, sliced bananas with a drizzle of nut butters, and slivered almonds and seeds for added crunch!

What customers are saying about N'OATS
Fortunate to get a first taste of Wella's new N'Oats. Feeling #blessed for this fast and easy breakfast — hearty without being heavy. Satiated is an understatement!
— Sarah D. IG
So happy to have found N'Oats. They're so satisfying and keep me full for a long time. I eat them any time of day and love that they are low in carbs and so delicious.
— Lisa D. hello@wellafoods.com