Grain-Free Cereal Pumpkin Spice Pouch (8 Servings)

1 Bag | 8 - 1.6oz Servings




Irresistible pumpkin pie spices mean you can enjoy the most festive fall flavor year ‘round! 

Simplify your morning routine with a nourishing and intensely satisfying grain-free alternative to oatmeal. Crafted from a perfectly-milled blend of hearty superfoods - this paleo, vegan breakfast cereal is packed with fiber, omega 3, plant protein and healthy fats to fuel your day. 

Simply pour Grain-Free Cereal into a bowl or travel mug, and add hot water or your favorite milk. Enjoy hot or cold, instant or overnight, as is, or with your favorite toppings. 

Paleo, Vegan, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Organic, Non-GMO and Kosher with no added sugar. 

Four Core Superfood Ingredients: Almonds, coconut, chia seeds and flax seeds - lightly sweetened with dates, and notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and sea salt. 


Our favorite toppings: Pumpkin seeds (of course!) and a pinch of coconut sugar

Try making it with: Homemade banana milk (banana + water + blender)